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Below are a few testimonies that reflect upon our commitment to provide quality work 

"Several years ago I co-founded a start-up company that successfully developed and produced measurement and control instrumentation for industrial application. Intellectual property and Patents were a key part of our company development strategy. During that time I worked directly with Paul preparing several patents important to the company success. The company was ultimately acquired by a leading manufacture of products complimentary to our offering. Paul prepares and prosecutes patent applications very thoughtfully and creatively. He recognizes the importance of spending time to determine how the client intends to use legal rights in innovation and then provides legal services (within the bounds of law and ethics) with the client’s objectives in mind. The patent applications that Paul prepared and prosecuted helped preserve the legal rights of our up-start company and helped enable further innovation."

"I was very happy with Paul's work on my trademark case. We had a situation where confusion was killing our business. Paul skillfully presented my trademark case to the courts and advocated on my behalf. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a good attorney."

“I have had the pleasure of working with Paul Dietz on many patents and have found him always extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his legal work. Also his technical knowledge of disk drives and data storage technologies is extensive. He always did everything he could to resolve all the issues promptly and correctly, and legally defend our positions. We had always excellent collaboration and I have the utmost respect for Paul and his work ethic.”

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