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Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition

You may now or in the future create, what is referred to as IP or Intellectual Property.  IP is often identified according to applicable laws.  The most common categories of Intellectual Property are patents (typically an innovation), trademarks (typically words used to identify a source), copyrights (typically involving an author that creates a masterpiece or other work of artistic expression), and trade secrets (nonpublic information, processes or discoveries).

My Intellectual Property services are generally intended to help innovators identify and preserve legal rights in their innovations, profit from those creations, and enable further innovation.




From concept to product we assist with the many business challenges you may face.  We help you assess your intellectual property assets, and determine policies and agreements you should improve or implement to secure, preserve, maintain and enhance your assets.

Strategy, Licensing, Negotiation, Counsel, etc.


Joint Research, Development, Aquisitions, etc.


Although it may not always be readily apparent, interactions with other businesses may have unintended consequences on your Intellectual Property rights.  Tailored terms in Agreements (including assignments, licenses, non-disclosure, development, confidentiality, consulting, employment, and other agreements) may be critical to defining, negotiating, preserving, and enforcing your intellectual property rights.  



We counsel to preserve or defend your Intellectual Property rights when others are adverse to your interests.  We can also help when your pre-litigation strategy requires preparation of patent clearance opinions, freedom to operate opinions, patent validity/invalidity opinions, and intellectual property infringement/non-infringement opinions.

We represent clients in Federal district court, appellate practice, and before the patent and trademark appeal boards. 

Civil, appellate, oppositions, cancellations, etc.

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